Brad Reed

Bradford L. Reed, Principal

Welcome to Admission Management LLC. I am fortunate to have spent my career in independent schools including 37 years in admission. During that time I have greatly valued the opportunities to exchange ideas and best practices with admission colleagues across the country. I have formed Admission Management to offer my support and assistance to admission offices and professionals in order to optimize their efforts in the vital work they do for their schools.


What I Do

Admission Management provides advice and counsel tailored specifically to the needs of client schools. Primary focus is often on assisting a school’s admission office in optimizing its structure and evaluating its processes. This may include staff utilization and roles and responsibilities, office practices, decision making, and collecting and utilizing data. Additional services include support for new directors and ongoing career mentoring for admission professionals. Support is also available for financial aid policies and procedures, as well as need­ analysis with expertise in SSS by NAIS.

In today’s competitive admissions environment, it is an imperative that schools be strategic in every way. Brad worked with our admissions office in a time of transition, helping us focus on balancing how to shape the incoming class with revenue needs and maximizing yield with best practices in financial aid policy and procedures. Our school is now fully prepared to use an enrollment management model moving forward. Brad brings a wise and reassuring presence and truly gets to know the people he’s working with so he is part of the team. I am very grateful for his insight and direction.

As one of the foremost practitioners of successful enrollment management operations in North America, I look to Brad Reed for advice, guidance, support, and critical observation to ensure the sustainability of my school through a strong admissions profile.

Christopher R. Tompkins

Because of the length of time I have been in admissions, there are very few people I feel have the depth of knowledge and breadth of experience I need when I want advice.  Brad is one of those people and is the first person I have contacted over the years for sage advice and professional guidance.  Brad understands schools, is a great listener, and has a warm demeanor – all of which make him the ideal resource for any school and admission office.

Brad is the consummate admission professional and I couldn’t think of a person I would recommend more if you need help in or with your admission office.

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